Shopify News: List of Shopify product updates

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How to increase sales through your website: By including buyers with high value for your company
Convert buyers using the world's most secure guaranteed payment system
Create your own story and build relationships
Running your business
How to build and develop your site
Conclusion on the latest Shopify news
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Twice a year, Shopify Editions publishes everything they've been working on. This year, their main objective was to give brands all the tools they need to create connections with consumers. In this article, you'll discover a roundup of all the latest Shopify news.

How to increase sales through your website: By including buyers with high value for your company

Shopify has developed the following 6 new features, which will help brands understand how to increase sales through their website:

  • Shopify Audience: This new application is designed to help you discover and analyze who is the best potential customer in your industry. Shopify's network of merchants and unique perspective on purchase intent help identify the buyers who want your products. You'll be able to create and export targeted audiences for advertising on platforms such as Facebook.
  • Shop Cash: Shopify will offer millions of dollars in Shop Cash rewards to consumers who make purchases using Shop Pay. Shop Cash Boosts lets you set up incentives to attract new consumers who are already using the Shop app.
  • Twitter Shopping: Use your Twitter profile not only to share and sell items, but also to tap into the audience that uses Twitter - hundreds of millions of people every day.
  • Dovetale: This is an all-in-one creator management tool that helps you discover new content creators, create real communities, better manage your relationships, and track and analyze affiliate sales. However, this tool doesn't seem to be very popular, according to comments left on the Shopify site.
  • Linkpop: This is a free commerce tool, powered by Shopify, which includes a fast and secure payment system.
  • Marketplace Kit: Connect your platform to millions of merchants and brands with Shopify's Marketplace Kit, which lets you create shopping experiences that integrate with Shopify's wide range of e-commerce features.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help using any of these tools and would like more information. We'll be happy to help you increase your online sales and share our expertise with you.

Convert buyers using the world's most secure guaranteed payment system

Convert buyers using the world's most secure guaranteed payment system

Shopify has integrated the following features, so brands can convert buyers using the world's most secure payment system:

B2B on Shopify

The most essential and powerful wholesaling capabilities are now included in the Shopify admin interface, making it easier than ever to sell a variety of items on your site. This means you can use the full power of the Shopify platform to manage your entire business, in a unified and personalized shopping experience.

Shopify POS (Point of Sale)

Now you can accept payments directly from your iPhone. With the latest POS system, you can sell any product to anyone, at any time!

Shopify Market

Shopify Market lets you define price lists and domains by market, sell in the local currency and language of each market, and collect import duties and taxes at checkout.

Shopify Checkout

Shopify lets you use Shop Pay. It's a free tool that lets you make purchases from leading online merchants in under a minute. Shop Pay delivers an 11% higher conversion rate than other accelerated payment systems.

If you're using Shopify Plus, you can now customize your checkout with apps and branding tools, all of which integrate with Shop Pay. Shop Pay offers a range of new, integrated and flexible buy now and pay later options that will help you increase the value of your orders even further. And with free fraud protection, you can fulfill your orders without fear.

Pre-orders and more

They've added more pre-order, subscription and try-before-you-buy apps, which are fully integrated with Shopify. These applications will enable you to make more sales and offer your customers a wider variety of purchasing options.

Create your own story and build relationships

If you want to grow your business, you need to use your skills, resources and experience to build your brand, while telling your story. Shopify provides you with tools to analyze who your best consumers are, so you can convert them into dedicated followers. They also provide tools to create your story.

Running your business

In this section, we'll share with you the many ways Shopify has made it easy to control your back office:

  • Over the years, Shopify has introduced many innovations and redesigns, to improve the way you upload, edit, organize and configure your products on your website, and many more are in the pipeline.
  • The Shopify Fulfillment Network lets you grow your business and increase conversions with the Shop Promise badge. In fact, offering guaranteed 2-day delivery and problem-free returns is what makes it all possible.
  • New products and features: shipping automations, presets, mass printing, cut-off date and improved inventory management.
  • Shopify Flow is now available for all brands. It lets you create bespoke workflows to automate commerce-related activities such as inventory tracking, fraud detection and email marketing, allowing you to focus on what really helps your business grow.

What has held this trend back is the technology and the (previously) high price. Technology now allows 3D design without high-level equipment, opening the doors to more and more designers.

How to build and develop your site

Built for Shopify

Shopify offers a new program called "Built for Shopify" that gives you the tools, functionality and support to create Shopify-friendly apps that appear and function as if they were part of Shopify. They've created new design standards and specifications for creating an app, as well as clear components and visuals. If your app meets Shopify standards, you may be lucky enough to be included in their top-performing surfaces.

Shopify Functions

Shopify Functions allows developers to create applications that customize discounts, shipping and payment preferences, then define them in Shopify administration.

Data protection

APIs will redact personal customer information by default, and you'll be able to access personal customer data as required, throughout the life of your application. These changes enable your application to better support a company's journey towards privacy and data protection compliance.

Shopify Balance and Shopify Capital

Shopify Balance is a free financial management account for your business that lets you manage your finances and your business all in one place: Shopify Administrator. Shopify Balance lets you earn rewards, use your card anywhere, pay no monthly fees and stay in control of your finances.

To help new borrowers get started faster, Shopify Capital has increased its financing for new customers. Shopify merchants can get hassle-free cash by signing up for this program.

Planet - An application created by Shopify

Shopify has launched a new app called Planet, which encourages businesses to make changes in the way they operate, to make a difference to the environment. Storefront icons can help you make all your deliveries carbon-neutral, support leading carbon-free initiatives and inform your customers.

Conclusion on the latest Shopify news

We'll be happy to implement these new features on your websites, and we hope this article has helped you understand them better. These are tools that will enable you to interact with your consumers in an immediate and personal way, but that will also allow your company to excel.