Since 2014, we have been developing a human-centered and agile approach to ensure the success of your project.


For an effective website design, Walter analyzes your competition, the ecosystem in which you operate, what sets you apart, and the behavior of your target audience. Based on this analysis, a digital strategy and the main elements to build your site are developed.

Digital strategy

For an effective website design, Walter analyzes your competition, the ecosystem in which you operate, what sets you apart, and the behavior of your target audience. Based on this analysis, a digital strategy and the main elements to build your site are developed.


The design is where your brand image, your values and the care you bring to the customer experience shine through. The graphics and ergonomics of your platform are the first contact with your audience.


We know that the technical aspect of web design can be confusing and slow down your ambitions on the internet. With Walter everything becomes easier! We are passionate about new technologies, true experts in programming.


Optimizing your website means ensuring its longevity, being strategic by working on its SEO, and guaranteeing a good conversion rate by quickly meeting customers' needs. This is a winning bet for your company’s performance.
Walter interactive

Our expertise

Building a sustainable
digital ecosystem

Web development
Graphic design
Digital marketing
Web development

E-commerce solutions

Based on platforms such as Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce, we offer powerful tools to help businesses create and manage their online store. We offer store customization, efficient inventory management, secure online payments and easy order management. With our service, businesses can easily and efficiently sell their products online, reach new customers and increase their sales on the best e-commerce platforms available.

Creation of websites

Custom development

We create custom software solutions based on a company's specific needs. This approach allows total flexibility to meet the unique needs of each customer. Developers work closely with clients to understand their needs, design custom solutions and implement them effectively and scalably. Custom development allows companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs and stand out from the competition by offering innovative solutions tailored to their needs.
Graphic design


Our team works closely with you to create eye-catching illustrations that effectively communicate your message and reinforce your brand image. We produce illustrations for books, magazines, advertisements, posters, websites, etc.

3D Animation

We use the latest technology to produce high quality 3D animations that can be used for presentations, commercials, promotional videos, etc. Our goal is to create impressive animations that enhance your audience's engagement and help you stand out from the competition.

Motion Design

Our motion design service creates dynamic visual animations to promote your business, products or services. We offer a wide variety of styles and effects to adapt our work to your brand image. Our goal is to help you captivate your audience, improve your communication and strengthen your online presence.

Brand image

We offer branding services to develop a branding strategy that reflects your values, your vision and your mission. We create a logo, a graphic charter, communication materials, etc. All elements of your brand are consistent and reflect your unique identity. The goal is to help you strengthen brand recognition and build customer loyalty.
Digital marketing


Our content writing services focus on the creation of qualitative texts, in line with your brand identity and the expectations of your audience. Our services extend to the production of content for various media such as your website, your social networks, your newsletters, etc. Our goal is to help you stand out from the competition with high-quality content that will reinforce your brand image and engage your audience.

Website audit

We analyze the structure, content, speed and user experience of your website to identify weaknesses. You will receive a detailed report of our findings and recommendations to improve your website's performance. The goal is to help you provide a superior user experience and optimize your website.

Conversion rate optimization


Our SEO packages help you improve your website's visibility in search results. We analyze your site to identify optimization opportunities, create quality content to engage your audience and attract qualified traffic. The goal is to help your business grow online by increasing its visibility and attracting more relevant visitors.

SEM Campaigns

Our approach is to use paid search methods to position your ads at the top of search results for specific keywords. We perform real-time data analysis to optimize your marketing strategy, with the goal of driving qualified traffic to your website and improving your conversion rate for increased ROI.

What drives us

Maximize the growth of company that have digital at the core of their business model

Choosing an agency to make a website is easy enough, keeping it for updates, technical issues is another! Walter's team takes up this challenge with brio! We love them for the speed, patience and kindness they show at every intervention.

Nadia Lévesque

Communications Manager
Mount Royal College
Working with Walter's team is a real pleasure. They are very invested and attentive to the needs of my clients. Budgets and deadlines have been respected. But it's the attention to the specific needs of each project and client that I particularly appreciated. Thank you Walter!

Marc Charest

Marketing Consultant
Walter's team is motivated to deliver quality projects that are different, that go beyond what's already been done, while being conscious of budgetary limitations. Having worked with them for several years, we always find creative ways to achieve our goals.

Simon Bédard

The team is very proactive! Without even asking them, they will propose improvement strategies. They care about their client's success and know that their success depends on their client's satisfaction. It is for all these reasons that we have been with them for almost 10 years.

Véronique Capra

Vice President
Voyages Bergeron & Passion Monde
After a few business relationships where we only felt like an invoice, we had the privilege and a real pleasure to be put in contact with humans dedicated to the realities of our business. The availability of the team made all the difference for our company.

Christian Lefebvre

We have had the pleasure of working with Walter Interactive for several years. The support they offer us in the management of our web infrastructure is flawless and much appreciated. Real pros!

Pierre Bergeron

Medical and Operations Director
Radiology Dix30
We made the excellent decision to hire Walter's team to advise us in the creation of a new site. The project went smoothly. We particularly appreciated the support even after the site was launched, to optimize the site's functions and user experience. Even today (months later!), we never hesitate to contact them for help and advice when needed.

Marie-Amélie Guilbault

Jolie Ride

Behind Walter

A creative and passionate team for your success

Ramzi Benounis

Full-stack developer
Aka "Awesome"

Olivier Fradette-Roy

Full-stack developer - Associate
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Geneviève Lefort

E-commerce project manager
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Responsible for the bad moves
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Guillaume Catelle

Web Designer
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Arianne Larose

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Alex Bussing

Full-stack developer
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Olivier Bergeron

QA Specialist
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Alex Bigaouette

Digital Strategy Advisor
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Alexandra Lefort

General Manager - Partner
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Jean-Philippe Arcand

Head of Partnerships - Associate
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Marc Allard

President - Founder
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Cassandra Jetten

Artistic Director
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Pierre Larivière

Senior back-end developer
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Sergey Naumchenko

Full-stack developer
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Fanny Collin

Web Project Manager
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