Web and Mobile Applications

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By increasing your mobility, you’ll also be increasing clientele’s satisfaction. Did you know that a web application can improve your business performance?

A mobile application can help it go the extra mile.

Whether your focus lies in e-commerce, project management or personalized content generation, developing a web application that aligns to your company’s reality is essential in making your website more efficient and dynamic.

Choosing to go with a web app means:

Cross-Platform Compatibility


Simplified Technical Language

Affordable Production Cost

Web or mobile application?

Web Application

Mobile Application


A software application hosted on a web server and accessible directly via a web browser. Internet connectivity is a must in order to use it. Its design and functionality is adapted for mobile devices.


A software application made for mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows. The application must be downloaded from an application store then installed on the mobile device.


Cross-platform compatibility

Content viewed through several operating systems and web browsers

Automatic updates

Lower development cost


Easier access for mobile devices

Access to mobile device features such as a camera, accelerometer or geolocator

Offers a graphically richer and high-performing interface