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The bigger audience you have, the more online sales you’ll generate

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We understand what makes
a newsletter strategy powerful


An effective newsletter has
an average open rate of 25%*.

Whether you have a B2B or B2C business, our team will help you build an effective communication strategy to meet your goals. You’ll understand clearly the key performance indicators, such as the open rate, the number of clicks and the results generated by your newsletter.

*Based on a Mail Metrics analysis, where statistical data was sourced from high-volume email campaigns (reaching 500 million deliveries)

Our communication strategy are simple, yet effective.

We craft bespoke newsletter template that you’ll be able to reuse.

We also offer monthly creation and management service for your newsletter

We look the data and improve our campaigns.

Optimize your emails list

Your email list is the only audience you have complete control over. Sending a newsletter is crucial to build a constant link between you and your customer. We’ll help you create valuable and exclusive content to send to your customers.