Improving Conversion Rates

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Converting Website Visitors
Into Purchasing Customers

Improving conversion rates increases the likelihood of a visitor performing one of the following actions:

Optimizing your website’s pages will better answer your visitors’ needs. This is necessary in order to maximize conversion rates. But knowing exactly which changes to make is not so clear-cut—following a methodology that proposes and tests hypotheses is the best approach. Controlled testing allows us to uncover solutions best suited for your website.

  • Purchase your product
  • Sign up to your service
  • Request an appointment
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Share your content
  • And so much more

Our team is able to apply the necessary
upgrades to your website in order to
improve your conversion rates. Here’s how:

We guide you through the identification and selection process of conversion objectives

We implement and analyze conversion funnels in Google Analytics

We implement the e-commerce module in Google Analytics

We create personalized landing pages

We evaluate your website and factors that influence conversion

We use diagnostic testing methods such as: user, multivariate and A/B testing

Why improving conversion rates
is an important part of web strategy

Converting visitors into paying customers should be set as an ultimate goal. What good is high volume traffic to your website if it does not contribute to revenues? After all, you need to see some financial return from the time and money invested in your website. That’s why improving conversion rates should play an important role in your web strategy.